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Ann Marie Sheridan, Owner

Everyone knows that exercise is important. Every day I have the privilege of watching Cutting Edge Fitness exercise make our clients strong. They experience the results of our low weight-lifting technology right away. I have spent my entire professional career in fitness and training. From a
successful competitive collegiate field hockey career, to running marathons, sprint triathlons and time as an amateur figure bodybuilding competitor, I've experienced first hand many aspects of fitness. As I continue to study this successful, slow burning muscle development plan, I regularly see first-hand how vitally important it is to include a consistent and safe strength training program critical to healthy living.


Cutting Edge Fitness clients enjoy a customized, one-on-one weight training experience. I see consistent results with each Cutting Edge client. I invite you to come to my Cutting Edge Fitness studio to see for yourself how 30-minute sessions will maximize your fitness and add to your life.

Josh Johnson


Josh became involved in sports and athletics at a very young age.  At 3 he began skating and at 5 playing hockey, soon after that came baseball.  These sport endeavors continued throughout his years at Needham High School.


With all this activity at a young age, knee injuries plagued his teenage years.  However, working through these physcial adversitites emerged a blessing in disguise.  Through challenging days and weeks of physical therapy, Josh developed a true passion for weight training.  Combined with his innate love for athletics, he made it his goal to build a lifestyle around sports and training, and the promotion of fit and healthy lifestyles.


In college, Josh took up Kinesiology as a major and has completed 3 years towards his bachelor's degree.  He has been trained by, and observed the procedures of top tier strength and conditioning coaches such as Eric Cressey and Mike Boyle.  

Josh is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).e in


"It is sometimes through adversity, one develops strength."

Eliza Duddy


Liza has been a strength coach since 2012.  She started at a strength and conditioning facility in Sudbury Mass and began Super Slow training in May of 2014 at Cutting Edge Fitness.  As a runner herself, she realizes the benefits of strength training and body awareness.  She took a 6 month hiatus to run, coach, train and blog in the Azores, Portugal and now lives in Hudson with her boyfriend, John and their dog, Romeo.


When she's not running or coaching, she's reading, listening to podcasts (either Tim Ferriss or something to do with Adnan Sayed) or planning a charity 5k.  To date, she's directed two 5k races; one for Accelerated Cure Project and another for the Boston Childrens' Hospital League.


She holds her USA-W and is a Certified Functional Strength Coach.  She has taken classes at the Postural Restoration Institute and has her master's from Northeastern University.



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