Everyone would like to be stronger and have a leaner, more youthful appearance. Conventional wisdom has said that hours in the gym and strict calorie counting is the only surefire way to fitness. Here at Cutting Edge Fitness, we have a much better way. In truth, very little time is required to improve your appearance and energy level.

At Cutting Edge Fitness, we have two programs that can be combined for optimal results. We combine 30 Minutes to Fitness with Controlled Carbs. This combination into a lifestyle plan is a great way to lose body fat, improve general health, and increase energy levels.

30 Minutes to Fitness


30 Minutes to Fitness is an Effective, Safe, and Precise weight training system that requires only TWO, thirty-minute weight training workouts a week to build lean muscle and increase strength. The underlying philosophy behind 30 Minutes to Fitness is that shorter, more challenging workouts are much more productive than longer, high volume workouts.

30 Minutes to Fitness has evolved after intensive study of the strong points and weaknesses of H.I.T., (high intensity training) as well as many of the slow motion weight training protocols popular today. Briefer, yet more challenging weight training workouts have grown in popularity in recent years due to the results achieved in minimal time. 30 Minute Fitness has been created to customize all facets of each weight training workout to the specific needs and goals of each client.

Fat Loss with Controlled Carbs


The Controlled Carbs Program promotes a healthier and more natural relationship with food. The plan stabilizes your blood sugar levels, which combats food cravings, hunger pangs and ensures permanent and safe fat loss. As these levels stabilize, cravings for carbohydrates and fat disappear. Our Controlled Carbs Program allows a variety of food choices, healthy desserts and quick meals. Best of all- no calorie counting, we do it for you!

Through Controlled Carbs you can expect to work one-to-one with a Cutting Edge Fitness Professional through our guided Nutrition Program, where you will make the time to figure out what works for you to help reach your goals.

In this one-to-one implementation program you will learn how to get started with Controlled Carbs. You will understand the principals behind Controlled Carbs, discuss suggested foods and goals, and set a start date to begin. You will receive guided help with nutrition and fitness goals with your trainer and a Body Fat Analysis to ensure you are making progress.

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