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30 Minutes to Fitness is an Effective, Safe, and Precise weight training system that requires only two, 30 minute training sessions a week to build lean muscle and increase overall strength. Slow speed weight training reduces any risk of injury by reducing momentum and keeping the muscles we are working to isolate stable and under tension.

The Cutting Edge 30 Minutes to Fitness Program has evolved from the origin of H.I.T., (high intensity training) as well as many of the slow motion weight training protocols popular today. 30 Minutes to Fitness and the Cutting Edge trainers customize all facets of each workout to meet the specific needs and goals of each client. The workouts are safe and you will experience amazing, life-changing results in minimal time.

Benefits of 30 Minutes to Fitness Include:

  • Increase in lean muscle resulting in a change physical appearance
  • Increase in muscular strength and endurance
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Raised HDL aka "good cholesterol"
  • Muscular and joint pain relief (especially in knees and neck)
  • Increase in overall wellness

Advantages of 30 Minutes to Fitness:

  • Less TIME required to build muscle and strength
  • Proper breathing technique and body alignment ensure safety
  • Different types of sets and exercise combinations to maximize muscular stimulation
  • Charting system to monitor progress and maintain proper machine settings
  • Ability to exercise around injured or weak areas
  • Controlled repetition speed for increased focus and muscular stimulation.

The Cutting Edge Fitness exercise studio has been designed to provide a non-intimidating and relaxing experience. There are no mirrors, no loud music, there is constant fan ventilation, and clean customized exercise machines. All exercise sessions are performed with your 30 Minutes to Fitness trainer at your side, coaching quietly. To ensure privacy and a stress free environment there are never more than three trainers and three clients in the studio at any time.

1197 Walnut Street, Newton Highlands, MA 02461   •   (617) 796-8808   •   info@cuttingedgefitnessinc.com 

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